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Northwest Plein Air Competition 2011

by on 9/6/2011 8:48:47 PM

Another wrap in  Hood River, Oregon. I had to cut short my painting by two days. I had one awful day, one productive day and the third somewhere in between. I have a problem in this particular show. There are specific sites chosen each day that the artists CAN paint if they want. I find that typically when I go to a site... I end up not painting that well or talk too much and don't get a painting started. I usually need to find my painting and with 20 to 30 artists at one spot... well I feel all itchy. I want to head off to some little corner. It is too bad because I love painting in the company of friends.

This year I spent part of the time painting with a couple of friends, but most of the time alone. My painting brain seems to function best when it is tuned to it's own peculiar frequency. I did go downtown with a handful artists and do a night painting. We had a great time and people seem much more interested and responsive when I paint at night ( maybe I look more approachable?) . There were all sorts of headlamps shining up and down Oak Street. I find I can only paint with ambient light, either from a street light or store window. This year I did "Checkin' it out". The figures hangin' in front of Trillium Pub were watching fire engines down the street, however I like to think they are checking out a female passerby. When the young fellow in the hat asked if he could be in my painting I said I only do nude models. He started undressing until his buddies told him he was embarrassing himself!

Here are three of the oils in the show. Two sold and my watercolor Rasmussen took Third Place.

All the folks at the Columbia Center for the Arts do a bang up job putting it all together.

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